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Outdoor Living

Beautifully designed outdoor living spaces greatly increase the property value of your home. But there’s more to inhabiting the perfect outdoor living space than increasing monetary value. Our commitment to exceeding our customer's expectations in every outdoor living space project motivates us to focus on enhancing the appearance of your home with features that are both beneficial and aesthetically appealing.  Enjoy the outdoors by extending your living space outside.

Best Outdoor Living Design Experts

The goal is to provide you with an outdoor experience that allows you to enjoy the comforts of your indoor amenities. Release a little bit of that kitchen heat and cook outdoors for a change. Instead of tiptoeing on blades of grass when you walk out into your backyard, enjoy the flat surface of a custom designed walkway or deck space. It is features like these that our outdoor living space designers love to make available for Cypress residents while also providing a gorgeous outdoor space that visiting friends and family can enjoy.

Our designers custom tailor each design according to the Homeowner's desires and specific property features. We design your outdoor living space according to your vision, outdoor space, and home, not implementing cookie-cutter layouts but giving you the flexibility to make your outdoor space your own. If you’re looking for high-quality work by a skilled team, for reasonable pricing, you'll contact the outdoor living design experts right here at Cypress Lawn and Landscaping.

Custom Landscaping Services in Cypress

Whether you desire a complete outdoor space renovation from the ground up or minor additions to what you already have, our specific services (and solutions there in) are tailored to accommodate your exact desires. Our crew members are highly trained to accommodate specific measurements and specifications according to the unique design of your outdoor space and can transform your outdoor space to accommodate those unique features you wish to implement.

Patio & Deck Designs

Featuring a custom deck or patio grants you a plethora of new memories to cherish with friends and family. Open up your outdoor space to various outdoor activities comfortably with a deck or patio you can fashion according to your liking. We offer a wide range of features and materials you can choose from to complete your backyard retreat.

No matter how lavish, simplistic, or rustic you hope to make the overall aesthetic of your backyard design- we are happy to provide you with the options and customizations needed to suit each and bring your idea to life.

Outdoor Kitchens

There’s nothing like enjoying the freedom of being able to cook where all the backyard action takes place. Even simply being able to keep your food warm and fresh while it is made available to those outdoors is a privilege worth bragging about. Our outdoor kitchens allow you to part from the typical routine of traveling back and forth from inside your house to the outdoors when you have cookouts or barbecues. Enjoy outdoor amenities such as:

  • Grills

  • Sinks

  • Burners

  • Refrigerators

  • Ice machines

  • Warming drawers, and more!

Save yourself the constant in and out (while ridding yourself of the pesky bugs that like to join you). Serve your food fresh-off-the-grill with a stylish outdoor kitchen perfectly suited to accommodate your cooking needs while enjoying the outdoor action.

Arbors and Gazebos

Enhance the aesthetic design of your backyard with shade-providing structure like arbors, gazebos, and pergolas.  Pair your new arbor, gazebo, or pergola with outdoor furniture and perhaps even a hammock to enjoy the outdoor scenery without baking in the sun. For an even better use, try growing a few plants such as Rangoon Creeper, Start Jasmine, or other vine to drape around the structure. These structures add a gorgeous appeal to the outdoor design of any yard and our expert backyard landscaping specialists work to ensure that it serves as a unique but visually enhancing feature of the yard.

Patio Covers and Extensions

Add living space through extending an existing patio cover or installing a freestanding patio cover. Not only does a patio cover provide more coverage for your enjoyment of outdoor living, but it can also serve as a nice added protection from the outdoor elements for guests should you decide to host an outdoor event. Our patio cover and roof extension installation projects are quick and efficient. We want you to enjoy your backyard haven as soon as you can, with the highest quality product.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting can be used to light a pathway, add extra security to a dark yard, highlight a landscape design element or even just bring a certain ambiance to your yard.  Whatever your reason, the end result will be a beautiful addition to your space.  We provide lighting such as landscape lights, wall lanterns, spotlights, traditional lights, dusk-to-dawn lights, LED dimmable lights, and more. 

Mosquito Mist Protection and Outdoor Cooling Technology

Two of the most agonized over traits of the summer are pesky mosquitos and intense heat. You can escape both with our mosquito mist protection and outdoor cooling technology called Mistaway (the world’s largest manufacturer of mosquito mist systems).

Playing a little too hard on the grass? Step underneath the pleasant covering of a mosquito fighting and cool-down enhancing zone. We use flash evaporation, only the latest in outdoor cooling technology, as an affordable outdoor air conditioning solution. Here, you are able to have a handheld cooling device and mosquito spray rolled into one. Simply request a demonstration so you can experience the magic yourself.

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