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Yard drainage is key in helping to prevent standing or pooling water and directs the water to where you want it to go.  Help protect your home's foundation and landscape by adding yard drains.

Yard Drains in Cypress

At Cypress Lawn and Landscaping, we install yard drains to take the water away from unwanted areas during a storm or irrigation problem.  We tie the gutters from your house into the drains to take the water out to the street.  We use PVC pipe for longevity - NO corrugated pipe that may crumble and fail.  When installing, we hand dig the trenches in order to minimize damage to existing landscape.  In areas where pipe is not feasible, we creatively use rocks to help direct the flow of water away from the house.  Adding yard drains will also help prevent any pooling/standing water from accumulating and becoming breeding grounds for those pesky mosquitos.


Yard Drain
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